• Wetland delineation and mapping

  • Floodplain surveys and mapping

  • Washington State Ecology wetland ratings

  • Ordinary high water mark determination for lakes and ponds, rivers and floodplains, and wetlands

  • Permitting and planning support under Washington State critical areas ordinances, State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

  • Regulatory document review and expert witness services


  • Forest inventory

  • Botanical surveys and monitoring

  • Vegetation monitoring

  • Invasive species mapping and monitoring

  • Restoration planning, monitoring, and implementation

  • Vegetation data analysis and forest biometrics


  • Floodplain vegetation surveys

  • Riparian vegetation-hydrology studies

  • Environmental flow studies

  • Riparian habitat assessments

  • Groundwater and surface water monitoring

Regulatory Compliance

Permitting and Planning

GIS/Spatial Analysis

Statistics and Data Analysis